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Ishaya Jeremiah Ayock

Ishaya Jeremiah Ayock
  • Program
    MPhil Scientific Computing & Industrial Modeling
  • Graduating Class of
  • Research Interests
    Big data, Computer Security, Scientific computing, Automation, AI
  • Dissertation(s)
  • Affiliate Institution
    African Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Senegal
  • Degree Obtained
    MSc in Mathematical Science
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Ishaya Jeremiah Ayock is an alumni of the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), Senegal, with an MSc in Mathematical Science (Big data and Computer Security option) where his research was in the intersection of optimization and Artificial Intelligence (AI). He has acquired professional certifications (in Development/Automation, Data Warehouse/BI and Big Data/data science),  technical skills, and has worked with different companies as a consultant. 

Currently, he is with the Center for Scientific and Technical Computing, National Institute for Mathematical Sciences (NIMS), Ghana, as a researcher and a MPhil graduate student. For quite a long time, Jeremiah has been keen on Scientific computing, Automation, and AI; and has worked on side-projects with other professionals to enhance productivity in organizations.

Jeremiah chose NIMS because it is an environment of great interdisciplinary research and collaboration, which uses state-of-the-art and cutting edge technology for Scientific and Technical Computing to help prepare students for the future, through exposure to a wide range of modernized technologies and concepts in their area of specialization.

During his free time, he loves to research new technologies, watch movies, swim, play table tennis, and give back to his community.

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