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Operations of the Institute

The National Institute for Mathematical Sciences adopts a teaching technique which presents students with practical experiences of theoretical concepts. In relation to this, NIMS-Ghana keeps close relationship with various industries to provide its students with an opportunity to implement their concepts in industry.

NIMS-Ghana in its bid to equip upcoming mathematicians with the requisite skills, will work through the National Institute for Mathematical Sciences' School Enrichment Center (NIMSEC) to see to the implementation of industry-based training programmes, design aligned programmes offering training to Ghanaians already in employment and the establishment of an Advanced Mathematical Science Programme (AMSP).

Some of the specialized programmes to be run at the institute for the job market will include:

* Actuarial Models
* Financial Models
* Bio-informatics
* Medical Information
* Climate Change modelling.
* Petroleum Resources modelling.

The National Institute for Mathematical Sciences will also be involved in a number of research works in collaboration with International Scholars, to provide a wider scope in the development of mathematical models, its solutions and implementations in industry.

NIMS-Ghana will also provide its students with a strong background in computational techniques built on the use of free and open source softwares.  

Future Plans
  • Plans to develop a research centre of Excellence.
  • Plans to develop and implement industry-related training programmes.
  • Establish an Advanced Mathematical Science Programme (AMSP).
  • Plans to implement an industry aligned programme offering training to Ghanaians already in employment.
  • Plans to develop a two-year part time E-learning Professional Development Programme.
  • Special programme for mathematics teachers in Senior High schools.

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