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Admissions Guidelines

The Programme requires candidates to apply online and ask their referees to submit online recommendations or references. Before you apply, please make sure you have checked the admission requirements and you do qualify. In order to access the online application or recommendation wizards, please visit . Since the application process includes references/recommendation and official transcripts, you should make arrangements to obtain the necessary documents before you apply.

The online application wizard involves:

  • Five pages of questions, where you will be required to submit important information about yourself and the program you are appying for, your previous education, some selected causes in your transcript, your referee's information details, allowing them to log in to the system and submit online references as well as information on your previous employment if any
  • You will be required to provide three(3) academic references and statement of purpose
  • You will also be required to provide supporting materials to be uploaded during the process. The following materials are compulsory for all applications:
    • Your passport size photograph with green background
    • Transcript(s) of previous higher education
    • Curriculum Vitae(CV)/résumé

For support or any assistance for the online application, please send an email to

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