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The National Institute for Mathematical Sciences (NIMS) is a center for the development and training of young Mathematical Scientists in postgraduate studies, and is hosted by the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana. Since its inception, it has taken strategic steps towards the realization of its core visions. It seeks to form stronger collaborations with all major Universities in Ghana, as well as some Private universities.

NIMS-GHANA aims at establishing state-of-the-art and cutting-edge postgraduate research programmes that expose students to modernized technologies and concepts in interdisciplinary areas of specialization. Currently, these are in the areas of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, Petroleum Resource Modelling and Climate Science.

NIMS-GHANA also holds regular workshops, both national and international, and comes up with new ideas to contribute to the development of Science, Technology and Mathematics in Ghana, and Africa at large. Such activities have the potential of growing into large, longer term international collaborations involving several countries, and possibly spawning centres within Africa and beyond. Exciting programmes of this nature could be one of the many ways to counter the brain drain from Ghana and at the same time to address and resolve the pressing problems faced by the nation and beyond.

As it stands now, NIMS is in its developing stages, and thus seeks to solicit funds from various stakeholders, financial institutions, The National Council for Tertiary Education, other corporate bodies and charitable individuals to help in actualising this vision.


1. To form stronger collaborations with the six(6) major Universities in Ghana to establish state-of-the-art and cutting-edge programmes to prepare students for further graduate research which is aimed to counter the brain drain from Ghana and at the same time to address and solve the pressing problems of the nation and beyond.
2. To prepare the next generation mathematician to be able to solve contemporary problems in both the abstract and real world.
3. To build up and sustain interest in mathematics from the basic level through the activities of NIMSSEC and NIMSOP by making them to believe in the concept that Mathematics as a tool can help a lot of problems in developing countries.

To make the upcoming Ghanaian mathematician competent to solve problems that are facing Ghana and Africa at large by using mathematical tools and techniques.


NIMS welcomes all who share in its vision and  mission and are prepared to contribute to the development of the Mathematical Science in Ghana and Africa. Membership categories vary depending on individual situations.

Types of Membership:

Junior Membership

Senior Membership

Associate Membership

Affiliate Membership

Cooperate/Institutional Membership


Provide a Research Centre of Excellence,accomodation for both visiting lecturer and tutors, library and computer laboratories, workrooms, administration block, lecture halls/rooms.


The six(6) major Universities in Ghana work together with NIMS as partners;
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi
University of Ghana, Legon
University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast
University of Education, Wineba
University of Development Studies, Tamale
University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa

Possible sponsorship agreement exits with the following groups:
GETFund, NCTE, Ministry of Education, Science and Sports, Leicester Cooperation, AMMSI.

Other Features/Activities:

NIMS also runs external activities which include :
Linkages with secondary and primary institutions (NIMSSEC and NIMSOP)
Other Associations & Groups: MAG, GMS, Math Group, Math writers groups.
How NIMS is funded:
   Banks/Financial Institutions

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