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Dr. Michael Donkor

Dr. Michael Donkor
  • Title
  • Position (NIMS)
    Help and Support Coordinator
  • Office
    Physics Department , College of Science complex block, KNUST
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Dr. Michael Donkor holds a Doctorate in Solid State Physics with specialization in Ferroelectrics, and is currently a Senior Lecturer with the Physics Department of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana. He has specific research interests in the synthesis of materials for both Ferroelectric and Photovoltaic applications, and Systems Automation. The courses he handles at the Department include: Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics and Microprocessors - at the undergraduate level, and Advanced Programming at the postgraduate level.

With the National Institute for Mathematical Sciences, he coordinates system, network and user support for staff and participants on the NIMS-Ghana computers, and also provides support for the NIMS-Ghana virtual computing systems.

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