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What You Need To Know
  1. Due to the nature of the programme, students will be resident and will be given stipends for the period for which they remain students for the programme.
  2. The programme is funded by Petroleum Geo-Services through the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
  3. The coursework will cover basic and fundamental courses in Mathematics and computing up to modern and practical topics as data visualization, modeling and High Performance Computing.
  4. Scientific Computing and Industrial Modeling is highly interdisciplinary and students will be encouraged to explore specific application areas, such as reservoir simulation, financial modeling, Statistics, fluid mechanics, biomedical modeling, artificial intelligence, data visualization, imaging science and computer vision.
  5. While theory in both Mathematics and Computing Science will be of the highest consideration, at the core of its design will be an opportunity for students to have practical experience with real industrial problems through NIMS GHANA Collaborations.
NIMS Degree Programmes
  1. MPhil Scientific Computing & Industrial Modelling
  2. PhD Scientific Computing & Industrial Modelling
  3. NIMS PhD Mentorship Program in Pure Mathematics
Application Requirements

Candidates are expected to have a Bachelor's degree, preferably from a strong Programme in Mathematics and/or Statistics, Physics, Computer Science and Engineering. Students accepted into the program should have completed undergraduate courses in advanced Calculus, Mathematical Statistics as well as linear algebra. Experience with programming in a high-level language, not necessarily through coursework, will be a plus.

Requirements Assessment

The Assessment (Written and Oral Assessment) will takes place at the College of Science Complex building for Ghanaian resident applicants and via the NIMS virtual classroom for foreign applicants. The general areas will be linear Algebra/numerical methods, Analysis/Calculus/Differential Equations and Probability theory.