Overview of the program

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The National Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Ghana runs a postgraduate degree in Scientific Computing and Industrial Modeling. The program, which run at par with the regular University calendar, is designed to provide a wider and thorough training in areas related to Scientific Computing and Industrial Modeling; including contemporary computing tools and methods, as well as numerical and mathematical analysis which finds itself in many real life applications. Specific emphasis is placed on High performance computing, data visualization and Linux tools as areas to explore for Mathematical and Scientific advancements. Due to the intensive nature of the program, it will only admit full-time students giving the students the full capacity to delve into areas requiring the highest skill.

In modern day scientific research, government institutions and laboratories, technological developments and even within the private sector, Scientific Computing remains an indispensable component of its success. A typical scientific computing team consists of experts trained in some branch of the Mathematical sciences and/or Engineering. Most often as has been realized the world over; there is a lack of people with expertise in modern computing tools such as visualization, Linux tools, and workstation environments. The program is designed to satisfy these needs, without omitting the thorough training in numerical analysis and Computer Science as well as the development of skills in mathematical modeling. Graduates of this program will undeniably qualify for jobs in research and development, where their skills and experience will complement those of more traditionally trained Ph.D. The program will be open to students who will go on to pursue doctoral studies.